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Chiropractor in Palos Heights: Chiropractic adjustments are a safe, natural and effective procedure to help the spine and allow the body the ability to create an environment for a more comfortable pregnancy.

Why You Should Go to a Chiropractor During Your Pregnancy

With the body changing drastically, the spinal column itself moves and adjusts to handling carrying a child and the added weight. This can put extra strain on the parent and discomfort. This can cause changes in the nervous system. These structural changes can affect the nerves and the spinal cord disrupting the normal communication of information between the brain and the body. This can lead to injury, pain and discomfort. Your doctor can adjust your spine and extremities to help the body feel relaxed and help subside pain or soreness.

Enjoy a Comfortable Pregnancy

Back pain, neck pain, tension and other physical ailments often originate in the spine. During your pregnancy, going to a chiropractor will help to formulate a specific solution to target the problem areas at every stage. Having regular chiropractic care during your pregnancy can reveal important information regarding a person’s overall heath and provide a base for an effective course of action during every stage of your pregnancy.

Pelvic Balance for an Easier Pregnancy using the Webster and Spinning Babies Technique

Establishing pelvic balance and alignment is another reason to obtain chiropractic care during pregnancy. When the pelvis is misaligned it may reduce the amount of room available for the developing baby. This restriction is called intrauterine constraint.

A misaligned pelvis can sometimes make it difficult for the baby to get into the correct position. Abnormal positions, such as breech and posterior positions can interfere with the natural ease of labor and may lead to interventions, such as having a c-section. Chiropractic care potentially allows for an easier delivery. Chiropractic care can aid with the ability to have a natural, non-invasive birth. Keeping the spine aligned helps the body work more effectively during a pregnancy.

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